Spontaneous Love Songs

Have you ever feel enchanted when your crush sat or stand besides you unintentionally? At the middle of unexpected situation, awkwardness fills the air. Then out of nowhere, breeze of love songs surrounding both of you. You try to smile because of this, somewhat, embarrassing moment but you rather wish that this would not end.

Your heart pounding hastily.
You hid your smile with your bitten lips.
You are captivated by her scent.
Pinching yourself to wake up in this dream.
But all of this is real. REAL.

Time starts to slow down.
The music goes louder and sweeter.

At that very moment, all you want is to spend this brief time with her, though to her, this is one of her insignificant and ordinary day. Million of words circling inside your head, shouting at the top of your voice how happy and fortunate you are but here you are, right beside her, tongue-tied. Seconds turn into minutes. You agreed to yourself that you should make a move. Rehearsing your four-word-sentence for many times in your head to make a good impression. The love song’s last chorus makes the situation more passionate but at the same time, nerve-racking. You hurried yourself but trying not to crack your voice. When the time you are ready, she’s already gone. Guilt is the next thing you feel. Though you failed, you try to be optimistic that someday you’ll have the guts to talk to her.

Listening on that love song again, takes you back on that moment. You stare blankly, trying to picture her in your head. Her innocent face. Her scent. Until you are hypnotized on that song, wanting to play it over and over again.

I don’t want to look creepy or what, alright. But believe me, certain things makes you smile, whether it is a simple letter, or picture, or even love songs. It brings back your old, yet romantic memories.


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