The Most in-Demand Job

“Without their effort and unconditional love, can you imagine life without them?”

Engineers, teachers, accountants, managers, nurses…
Those, I think, are the most in-demand jobs right now. I can’t imagine my life without them.
They receive paychecks, gain respect, and are idolized. They even work for us with no regrets and shape our life for a better future.

But there’s one job that outstands them all. 
The most in-demand job ever!
They also gain respect and idolized.
They serve us with no regrets.
They work 24/7, sometimes without breaks!
They provide us with their unconditional love.
The difference is they aren’t receiving any salaries,
will you take the job?

For some, this may sound impossible, but million out there have already taken this job without any remorse, instead they are proud to be one! The one who makes you laugh and cry; the one who you can trust your secrets; the one who will never let you down no matter what; the one who helps us to become a better man or woman: your mother. With all their sacrifice and being patient with us, we should salute, love and thank our mother.

Thank you for understanding us even though sometimes we are beyond our limits.
Thank you for shaping our future.
We may not understand what you are saying now, but as we grow up, the blur in our head will eventually start to become vivid as the struggles come along by.
You are still on our side, guiding us, shaping us.

Sorry for all the disappointments, we don’t mean to.

Without their effort and unconditional love, can you imagine life without them?

For all moms out there, whether you are single mom or mommy-to-be,
Happy Mother’s Day!
We love you! I love you!



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