Is That so Bad?

Remember the day when you heard that song in the radio? You were in the car riding shotgun while your mom was driving. Funny ’cause it seems like the song was made for you. You try not to listen because you don’t want to be an emotional wreck. But you can’t stop yourself, especially when it’s so easy to relate to the song. The soft melody brings the pain of the past. Teardrops fell from your face. Then you realize, no matter how hard you try to pretend that everything is alright, the harsh reality is killing you slowly.

Remember the day when you should have stood up for her but you didn’t? This song reminded you of her, I know. You blame yourself and you’re so full of regrets. You try to suppress the lyrics for each word are like daggers to your heart. Then you ask yourself, ‘Is she mad?’ then the chorus answered for her.

Remember the day when you took a photo with him? Two of you were hugging each other so tightly, huge smile plastered on your faces. I bet no words can describe how happy you were that day. Now you’re left alone looking at that photograph while your song was softly playing on the radio. Is the song still the same for you? Why can’t you move on?

Every song is unique in its own way; it has its own story. You can relate to a particular song because the lyrics summarizes a story you’re familiar with. Sometimes a story that even you, yourself, had been through. Though thousands of words can describe your situation, a song can do it better. 

Whenever people are listening to a certain song, they might think, ‘Is that so bad?’ or ‘Is it possible in real life?’. Yes, despite the fact that we didn’t actually saw it or experienced it firsthand, we may feel and understand their story within the felicitous harmony. Remember that in every situation there is a perfect song, no matter how good or bad it is. 

Here are some example. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Kina Grannis – Cambridge
The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Harry Styles – Don’t Let Me Go
Parachute – The Mess I Made
Gavin Degraw – Not Over You
One Direction – Taken


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