Undo: Why Can’t I Do That?

Life may not be as perfect as you want to live it, but teaches you that in reality, mistakes are along the way, some of it are on its unexpected way. As I grow older, I thought how things would turn differently if I take a risk on my decision. If I’m more aware of my reckless decisions or how I socialize with people, what would be the impact on others, especially to me, if I have the courage to follow my dreams and not the way that they want me to be? If I had a chances to turn back time, I will do so. But in reality, there’s no turning back. What we all have now is the present.

Obstacles and trials come in different way. It depends on how you respond and deal with it. You start to hate yourself and hate other people. You start yelling and get angry. There is no reason for this. Hating, shouting, and yelling is not healthy. This is not how you approach your difficulties. You making it worst. Remember to breathe, calm yourself and think of how you will get through this mess. Don’t rush it, try to recollect the simplest thing that may resolve your dilemma. If it is not working, try to talk with your friends or your family. By this, you can release the tension and you can think clearly. Sometimes, you’ll get some tips and advice on your problem. And after that, you not only solved your problem but also you learned something from it.

I made a lot of wreckless decisions but I never regret it. Though sometimes, the outcome doesn’t seems coming on your plan but you’ll see sooner or later, there is something good at it. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t get mad when things don’t go your way or when disappointments and frustrations get into you, remember there’s is a silver lining on it. 


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