New Year’s Resolution Cliché

Two weeks before the New Year’s Eve and I am sure that everyone has their own list of what they called “New Year’s Resolution.” But for me, it is another useless never-to-be-accomplished long list of goals.

Yes, of course, I maybe one of them before but since I realized that if you really want to change, you can start anytime. You don’t need to wait for another year to start whatever goals you want to achieve. You always hear someone say “Another year, another me”. I’m not buying it. What is the difference if you start it right now?

There are two clichés New Year’s resolution that I always hear whenever New Year’s Eve is coming. Maybe I can help you how to start with it and keep you motivated to avoid getting bored towards your goal.

1. I am going to gym to lose weight. Okay, hold it right there! You don’t have to go to the gym if you want to lose weight. If you are financially stable then it is okay. But there is another alternative that doesn’t require you to pay for a membership fee and hire an expensive trainer. Hello, YouTube! Yes, you read it right. There are lots of videos that show different workout, exercise and tips for losing weight.

Workout is not enough. Incorporate it with balanced meals (skipped dinner is okay but not breakfast). Especially this yuletide season – where foods are abundant – temptations are everywhere. Be responsible for what you eat, because those calories you consume will be the hindrance towards your success.

Another thing, every week watch some inspirational videos of those people who already achieved their goal. This will keep you motivated and should keep you going. It is better if you do all of this activity together with your friends or family.

2. I will save more money. The best day you start it is when you buy gifts for Christmas. Plan your budget very well. At least a day before buying gifts, make a list as if you are going to run some errands at the grocery. You don’t have to specify its design or brand, just jot down the type of item you’ll buy for each person. Do this and I assure you, finding and deciding which gifts you will buy becomes a lot easier. Also, this will avoid you from being an impulsive buyer.

It happened to me last year. My best friend and I decided to buy some gifts for Christmas at SM South Mall. Not knowing what to buy, we entered every store and kiosk to find the perfect gifts, which was very time consuming and very tiring. I ended up regretting and wishing that I should have bought that item instead of what I already had because it is a lot cheaper and suits better to the person I am giving to. Having a list lessens your job because the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the quality and price. If you will buy shoes, you don’t have to visit the bookstores or gadget stores, right? So, what is the correlation between time and money? Simple, the more you spend your time in malls, the more you have the urge to buy foods which aren’t in your list.

Another, don’t blow your 13th month pay. Set aside at least 20% of your bonus so that you won’t end up starving in the middle of lunch wearing all your brand new shirt, pants and watch during the first second week of the year.

A website ‘Ready to be Rich’ is perfect for financial guidance. This will help you as much as I can do. Fitz Villafuerte, the author of the said website, wrote the article about the blockbuster Starbucks Planners.

A merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year (depends on how you spent your holiday). Be wise and smart t’is yuletide season!

Happy Holidays!


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