The Path to the Unknown

I remember when I was on my fourth year of high school, going to college is simple as far as I can imagine. I am wrong. No one told me what college would be like. All I knew was that I passed the entrance exam and I am obliged to attend all my classes just like what I did in my high school life. To be honest, I’m not exactly thrilled with the path I am currently taking. Unfortunately, regrets are not acceptable especially when you’re already on your fourth year of college. I don’t like it, but the passion to learn something new is what keeps me to move forward and accept the path I am taking.

My Future, My Choice is a great opportunity for all the incoming freshmen to show them what’s up ahead. A hands-on experience takes them one step ahead from others who are, like them, deciding which path they think is best for them. I am one of the hundred facilitators who were more than happy to discuss the possibilities in a specific path. Imagine a man promoting his own product by using encouraging and beautiful words just to win the client’s heart, that’s what I was when the program started. Abandoning the real struggle behind this journey, we were still exultant to encourage them to take the paths we’ve taken because of its benefits and success beyond compare. It may sound a tad bit exaggerated, but I bet those were the things you will also hear from the other facilitators who were eager to persuade other adventurers to take theirs.

Something I have come to understand is the positive correlation between passion and regrets. The rush of ideas you get while doing some kind of project is the best feeling especially when you know how confident you are of the path you had chosen. I love it. For the first time in my life, I can finally say that I am really good at this. Every day I find myself staring blankly at the ceiling, thinking about what I want for my future, and contemplating what steps I need to take towards achieving it; every hour, I’ve been planting seed after seed after seed, wishing, praying to reap something good out of it.

Cursing yourself is the result when there is no one else left to blame. I have learned that the path to success is not a straight, smooth pavement, but rather a bumpy, crooked road. Along the middle of the pathway, you start accusing others because they pushed you into this. Then eventually, you are stuck, stranded with the thoughts of happy endings, wondering what would have been like if you do it the other way around. But you had reached the point where there’s no turning back anymore. The only thing that is left to do is to move forward and discover the unknown. Start to own it, live it, love it, and sooner you’ll find yourself standing at the end of the road, joining the others who survived the journey.

As the day progressed, students approached me with a huge smile on their faces, waiting for my discussion about power distribution. While I was trying to avoid my listeners to feel overwhelmed, I was glad to show them what would have been like in my path. At the end of the program, though my throat hurts, I know that I did my best to not discourage them on my course, instead I encouraged them to take the challenge with full heart and courage. Tomorrow will be another day… it’s another day of searching for the exit of the pitch black path of the unknown.

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2 thoughts on “The Path to the Unknown

  1. Great text! I’m in college too and I’m struggling a little bit with the lack of certain that comes along with our choices. Unfortunately we can’t foresee the consequences of our choices (well, no completely) and for that I’m terrified. But thank’s for this piece, somehow helped me understand I’m not alone 🙂

    Greetings from Brazil

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    1. Thank you Sebastião for reading my blog. I am thrilled that there is someone reading my post.

      I know that there are hundreds, maybe thousand, of people out there who are struggling in the path they currently in. Just embrace it. Who knows? Perhaps, this is the shot you’ve been waiting for so long.


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