Are You Hannah Baker?

Moved after watching the recently most talked series, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, I am haunted by the reality of how much I really care for those people around me. Does my “How are you?” question is really enough?

Warning: This content contains spoiler!

13 Reasons Why is a dark drama that shows about a teenager who took her own life and left cassette tapes with her reasons why she did it recorded in it – her kind of suicide note. Personally, I see that this series is not just for entertainment or a show just to pass some time, but a call for awareness. I can’t help but cry at the last episode of it, not just because of the sympathy for Hannah Baker, the protagonist, but the thoughts running in my mind that this could be possible in real life.

Hannah Baker encountered the worst highschool experience that we can ever imagine. She was bullied, slut-shamed, back-stabbed by her friends and raped. Not knowing where or to whom she will seek help, the latter caused her to decide to take her own life.

Observing the people around her, especially her parents and the school counselor, it showed how naive they were of what Hannah Baker underwent during her tragic moments. On the other hand, the people she knew she can count on chose to keep their mouth shut and pretend everything is okay when in fact, it isn’t, just for the sake of their own reputation in their school.

“…I think I’ve made myself very clear. No one’s coming forward to stop me. Some of you cared. None of you cared enough. And neither did I. And I’m sorry. So, it’s the end of Tape 13. There’s nothing more to say.”

– Hannah Baker (Tape 7, Side A)

The pain of being in pain; the feeling of being alone and empty, that no one seems to understand you; thinking that the world would be better off without you. These thoughts running inside her mind would be just a surface of what real suicidal thoughts might be.

Most of the time, careless words can be a dagger on someone’s heart and soul and even can cost a life. After watching the series, I can’t help but think that I am too, is guilty of speaking these wreckless words. I, or rather, we should be more conscious and responsible on our words because we don’t have any idea of what kind of struggle does this person has.

Suicide is such a taboo topic for others and some will only start to talk about it when someone you knew committed a suicide, reprimanding us that we should not do that. We can actually prevent that.

I challenge you to reach out to those people you knew that might be experiencing a rough course in their life right now and let them know that they are loved. Let’s spread the word of love and how much you really care for that person before it is too late. Maybe that person is longing for someone he/she can share his/her problems with. Sometimes, even just by listening, letting them know that you are always there for them, will suffice to show them that you care for them genuinely.

Listen to your words.
Speak life. Spread love.

Spread the awareness by sharing this to your family and friends.


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